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cadmium plating cable

Reference Information How Standard Materials and Finishes

ZW Stainless Steel Cadmium, Olive Drab SAE-AMS-QQ-P-416 Type II Class 2 over electroless nickel 2000 Conductive -65 to +175°C Glenair's standard olive drab cadmium over stainless steel. Backshell and accessory base materials, plating options, specifications and codes

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- jam nut receptacle, with 1m length of high reliability USB3 cable straight, coding A, olive drab cadmium plating: USB3F TV 7 S A 10 G STR - jam nut receptacle, with 0.3m length of high reliability USB3 cable open, coding B, olive drab cadmium plating: USB3F TV 7 S B 03 G OPEN Part number code W USB3.0 IMPORTANT NOTE

Amphenol Industrial Adds Gray ZnNi Plating | Cable ...

Jan 23, 2016· Posted By Cable Technology News Team on Jan 23, 2016 in Cable Accessories. The Amphenol Industrial Products Group has enhanced its standard shell plating from Olive Drab Cadmium to Gray Zinc over Electroless Nickel (Gray ZnNi) to be used in the harshest environments.

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Zinc and Cadmium Plating on Steel: Boeing P.S. 13101: Cadmium Plating Old Spec: Boeing P.S. 13107: Diffused Nickel Cadmium: Boeing PS 13112: Sulfamate Nickel Plating old spec: Boeing PS13144: Plating Cadmium Spec: Boeing Spec 20-10-02: Machining of Alloy Steel: Boeing Standard Overhaul Practices 20-41-01: Decoding Boeing Finish Codes

Cadmium Platings - Penn Engineering – Penn Engineering

A yellow chromate conversion coating is applied after cadmium plating. Steel parts requiring embrittlement relief after plating are baked according to industry standards. CADMIUM WITHOUT FINISH COAT ( CD ) Applicable Industry Spec: ASTM B766, CLASS 5, TYPE I. The parts shall be capable of passing a 100 hour salt spray test to red rust per ASTM ...

Olive Drab Cadmium over Electroless Nickel Circular MIL ...

Olive Drab Cadmium over Electroless Nickel Circular MIL Spec Backshells are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Olive Drab Cadmium over Electroless Nickel Circular MIL Spec Backshells.

Plating - Wikipedia

Cadmium plating. Cadmium plating is under scrutiny because of the environmental toxicity of the cadmium metal. Cadmium plating is widely used in some applications in the aerospace, military, and aviation fields. However, it is being phased out due to its toxicity.

Cadmium Plating - Chem Processing Inc.

Thus cadmium plating continues to be critical to the aerospace industry . Cadmium plated surfaces resist mold or bacteria growth. In some limited applications, zinc-nickel alloy plating may be an acceptable alternative to cadmium plating. Please contact Chem …

cable industry as pigments for insulation, stabilizers for PVC, plating of electrical connector shells and in alloy conductors. Insulation coatings containing cadmium colorants can be found on wire and cable products. In addition to color, the cadmium also contributes to the pigment's durability against fading and resistance to heat.

Nikel Cadnium Plating - Kiwi Biker

Aug 08, 2005· Hi Guy's can anyone recomend a D. I. Y. Nikel Cadnium plating kit for replating the nuts and bolts and small brackets etc on a project I'm about to embark on. A friend of mine back in YUK used one about 10 years ago with good results. The big advantage with doing all the small stuff yourself is the security of knowing that no middle man is going to lose that throttle cable linkage that will ...

Cadmium - Wikipedia

Cadmium occurs as a minor component in most zinc ores and is a byproduct of zinc production. Cadmium was used for a long time as a corrosion-resistant plating on steel, and cadmium compounds are used as red, orange and yellow pigments, to color glass, and to stabilize plastic.

What's so special about Cadmium Plating?

What's So Special About Cadmium Plating? A discussion started in 2001 but continuing through 2018. 2001. Q. Hi I need help! What is the use of Cadmium? What is so special about it? We do a nickel, cadmium, gold plating series. We now want to do away with cadmium. What can we use in place?

Cadmium Plating Alternatives - PCI Mag

Jul 01, 2008· Cadmium plating was once widely used by the automotive and marine industries for its superior corrosion protection and lubricity. However, cadmium is a heavy metal, and the cyanide bath commonly used to produce cadmium deposits is highly toxic.

NASA Parts Selection List (NPSL) - Cadium Plating Prohibition

Wire and Cable; Other Space Agency EEE Parts Selection Listings. European Space Agency (ESA) Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Cadmium Plating Prohibition. Policy: Cadmium plating is prohibited on EEE parts and associated hardware. In some applications use of Cadmium plating may be acceptable via a Project approved waiver process that ...

Why cadmium plated bolts rather than stainless steel ...

Oct 05, 2015· I wonder why there is the widespread use of cadmium plated steel fasteners, rather than stainless? Cad plated stuff doesn't last for ever, but stainless does (unless it's crap stainless). And the pricing seems comparable. Cadmium has been outlawed in most applications outside aviation and military, so all the parts are pricey.

SIFCO ASC : Selective electroplating equipment and solutions

SIFCO ASC is the largest supplier of contract selective electroplating and anodizing services, products, and chemical solutions in the world. ... services sifco brush plating selective plating service brush electroplating equipment sifco brush plating products cadmium plating manufacturer sifco applied surface concepts sifco selective plating ...

D-Sub Micro-D Connectors | Mouser

D-Sub Micro-D Connectors are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for D-Sub Micro-D Connectors.

Plating Barrel Danglers | Cathode Danglers |Eagle Engineering

Eagle Engineering stock a wide range of barrel danglers and replacement dangler tips in a variety of widths and lengths. To improve plating quality and for a safe, reliable plating production line, make us your first contact as part of your plating barrel maintenance programme.

Cadmium (Cd) Toxicity: How Are People Exposed to Cadmium ...

May 12, 2008· Cigarette smokers in the general population are exposed to cadmium through inhalation. There is about 2.0 µg of cadmium in a cigarette, of which nearly 2-10% is transferred to cigarette smoke (Mannino et al. 2004). Smokers typically have cadmium blood and body burdens more than double those of nonsmokers (Waalkes et al. 2003).

Corrosionpedia - What is a Cadmium Plating? - Definition ...

Cadmium plating is a type of coating process that offers technical benefits such as outstanding corrosion resistance, even in high-salt and low-thickness environments. Cadmium is the byproduct of the production of zinc, and it was only in 1920s that cadmium plating was recognized as …

Save Labor, Reduce Weight and Improve EMI Shielding with ...

Shielded Cable Assembly 177-710 (Untwisted Wire) and 177-740 (Twisted Wire Pairs) *Ground spring cannot be used with cadmium plating How To Order Shielded Micro-D Cable Assemblies Sample Part Number 177-710 -2 -25 P 4 K 1 -18 M A G Series 177-710 - Untwisted Wire 177-740 - Twisted Pair Wire Shell Material and Finish Aluminum Shell

Amphenol Aerospace Offers Military Cadmium Plating Alternative

Apr 23, 2013· Amphenol Aerospace Offers Military Cadmium Plating Alternative. Amphenol Aerospace has received authorization from the Defense Logistics Agency for its black zinc nickel "Z" class plating finish. This qualification covers all Amphenol Aerospace Series III D38999 connectors.

Cadmium - National Cancer Institute

Learn about cadmium, which may raise your risk of lung cancer. Cadmium is a natural element: all soils and rocks contain some cadmium. Exposure occurs mostly where cadmium products (such as batteries, pigments, metal coatings, and plastics) are made or recycled. Tobacco smoke also contains cadmium.

Alternatives To Cadmium Plated Military Connectors and ...

replacement of cadmium plating on aluminum, stainless steel and composite connector bodies: Nickel-Fluorocarbon (PTFE) - SAE AMS- 2454 . Zinc-Nickel (5 -20% nickel) - ASTM B841, AMS2417 . Pure Dense Aluminum - Mil-DTL-83488 Connector suppliers use these 3 plating …

Passivation of Stainless Steel – Penn Engineering

Black Nitride || Cadmium Platings || Dry Film Lubricants || Electro-Tin/Solderable Platings || Nickel Platings || Passivation of Stainless Steel || Zinc…

Caswell Inc - Plating Kits Electroplating Kits Aluminum ...

Plating Kits, Electroplating Kits, Aluminum Anodizing Kits, Gas Tank Sealer, Metal Polishing & Buffing Supplies. Do it yourself with plating kits from Caswell Inc. Selling chrome - nickel - cadmium - brass - gold - silver and metal polishing supplies.

Cadmium and you - Health and Safety Executive

cadmium oxide, cadmium chloride and cadmium sulphate as if they can cause cancer. In addition, it is considered that human exposure to cadmium chloride may result in impaired fertility or harm to the unborn child. Cadmium itself is likely to show a similar range of toxicological properties to cadmium …

Materials for use in vacuum - Wikipedia

Cadmium, often present in the form of cadmium plating, or in some soldering and brazing alloys; Zinc, problematic for high vacuum and higher temperatures, present in some construction alloys, e.g. brass and some brazing alloys. Tends to poison hot cathodes and form conductive deposits on surfaces.

USB 3 F TV (USB-A) W COMPLIANT USB connection system for ...

- jam nut receptacle, with 1m length of high reliability USB3 cable straight, coding A, olive drab cadmium plating: USB3F TV 7 S A 10 G STR - jam nut receptacle, with 0.3m length of high reliability USB3 cable open, coding B, olive drab cadmium plating: USB3F TV 7 S B 03 G OPEN Part number code W USB3.0 * IMPORTANT NOTE