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gallium germanium cadmium

Heavy Metals - DuPont

These metals—cadmium, lead, tin, gallium, germanium, indium, antimony, thallium, and bismuth—are grouped together as heavy metals due to common chemistry. The most common economic metals are cadmium, lead, and tin. Gallium, germanium, indium, antimony, bismuth and thallium are of less commercial interest and occurrence.

Indium Gallium Arsenide Detectors - Teledyne Judson

Germanium Detectors Indium Gallium Arsenide Detectors. Indium Arsenide Detectors Lead Sulfide Detectors. Lead Selenide Detectors Indium Antimonide Detectors PC Mercury Cadmium Telluride Detectors PV Mercury Cadmium Telluride Detectors Preamplifiers Dewars and Coolers. Position Sensors Accessories

Gallium Arsenide Semiconductor | Electrical4U

Jun 15, 2018· Semiconductors have conductivity between that of a conductor and insulator. There are two types of semiconductor- Single Crystal Compound. Silicon, Germanium are single crystal. Gallium Arsenide (GaAs), Cadmium Sulfide (CdS), Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Gallium Arsenide Phosphide (GaAsP) are compound semiconductors. Most popularly used semiconductors are Silicon (Si), Germanium …

WebElements Periodic Table » Cadmium » isotope data

This table shows information about naturally occuring isotopes, their atomic masses, their natural abundances, their nuclear spins, and their magnetic moments.Further data for radioisotopes (radioactive isotopes) of cadmium are listed (including any which occur naturally) below.

Elements and Symbols Flashcards | Quizlet

Identify the element from the periodic table by its atomic number and chemical symbol. Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.

AMERICAN ELEMENTS® | The Advanced Materials Manufacturer

American Elements: Certified bulk & lab quantity manufacturer & supplier of high purity metals, chemicals, nanoparticles & other advanced materials.


Cadmium, gallium, and germanium are metallic elements present in small amounts in various metallic mineral depos- its, their associated mine tailings, and in coal ash. Based on many mining company requests regarding information on cadmium, gallium, and germanium ocurrences in ia,

(PDF) Reference Data for the Density and Viscosity of ...

The available experimental data for the density and viscosity of liquid cadmium, cobalt, gallium, indium, mercury, silicon, thallium, and zinc have been critically examined with the intention of ...

Indium Gallium Arsenide - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

The scattered light from the sample can then be collected using either 180 or 90 degrees back-scattering geometry, and passed through a dielectric filter to cut off the 1064- and 633-nm laser lines before entering the detector, which can either be nitrogen cooled Ge (germanium) or room temperature operating InGaAs (indium gallium arsenide).

High purity Tellurium, Cadmium,Cesium, Indium, Gallium ...

AHP produces a variety of high purity materials. Most of our materials are offered at a purity of 99.99% and some are available at a purity of 99.9999% upon request. Beginning with raw materials at different concentrations and using a variety of adaptive and innovative manufacturing processes to produce high quality products, AHP is able to achieve varied purities and shapes for any application.

Gallium's properties, interesting facts, discovery, videos ...

Gallium liquid clings to or wets glass and similar surfaces. Gallium also has the unusual property that (like water) it expands as it freezes. Four other elements expand when they freeze; silicon, bismuth, antimony and germanium. Uses of Gallium. Low melting gallium alloys are used in some medical thermometers as non-toxic substitutes for mercury.

Gallium - Wikipedia

Gallium is a chemical element wi seembol Ga an atomic nummer 31. Elemental gallium disnae occur in free furm in naitur, but as the gallium(III) compoonds that is in trace amoonts in zinc ores an in bauxite. Gallium is a saft sillery metal, an elemental gallium is a brickle solit at law temperaturs.

Cadmium & Cadmium compounds - American High Purity

A bluish-grey metal, cadmium (Cd) is closely related to the similar metal zinc, appearing in the same ores and being produced as a result of zinc refining. Applications Despite being a relatively unknown material in the general conscious, cadmium and its compounds play critical roles in …

Germanium and Indium - USGS

Germanium and Indium Chapter I of ... scandium titanium chromium manganese iron cobalt nickel copper zinc gallium germanium arsenic selenium bromine krypton yttrium zirconium niobium molybdenum technetium ruthenium rhodium palladium silver cadmium indium tin …

Solder Alloys made by Indium Corporation

Germanium (Ge) Cadmium (Cd) Copper (Cu) ... Gallium. Since gallium and gallium alloys are generally liquid at room temperature, they are not generally used for solder applications, but find a home with thermal applications. Gallium is also a replacement for the mercury (Hg) in batteries. ...

Mercury and Other Trace Elements In Sphalerite and ...

Mercury and Other Trace Elements In Sphalerite and Wallrocks From Central Kentucky, Tennessee And Appalachian Zinc Districts By JANICE L. JOLLY and ALLEN V. HEYL CONTRIBUTIONS TO ECONOMIC GEOLOGY GEOLOGICAL SURVEY BULLETIN 1252-F A discussion of the mercury, cadmium, germanium, gallium, and strontium

High purity indium,high purity gallium,indium powder ...

Zhuzhou Keneng New Material Co., Ltd. known as a national new hi-tech enterprise locating at Jinshan Sci-tech industrial park Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, China, has been engaging in the production of Minor & Rare metals, especially indium, gallium, bismuth, tellurium, …

Indium - Wikipedia

Indium is an ingredient in the gallium–indium–tin alloy galinstan, which is liquid at room temperature and replaces mercury in some thermometers. Other alloys of indium with bismuth, cadmium, lead, and tin, which have higher but still low melting points (between 50 and 100 °C), are used in fire sprinkler systems and heat regulators.

Preparation of pure gallium - NIST

ofcrudegallium,containing5percentofindium,0.1percentoflead, and smaller amounts of silver,tin, and zinc, was carefullypurified. Inorderthatthe method ofpurification devised might be of general

Chapter 1.10 - Miscellaneous Etchants

EDP etchant can be used on p-type wafers with <100> orientation, masked with either silicon dioxide or silicon nitride. It leaves a cleaner, smoother silicon surface with partial etch than

Metals and alloys made by Indium Corporation

Indium Corporation is the world's premier supplier of commercial and high purity indium metal, germanium metal, gallium metal and tin metal. From the mine to product packaging, we set the standard for the processing of indium, germanium, gallium and tin. Quality is assured because we control the process from the very first step.

Gallium, germanium, indium, and other trace and minor ...

Gallium, germanium, indium, and other trace and minor elements in sphalerite as a function of deposit type – A meta-analysis by Max Frenzela,1*, Tamino Hirscha, and Jens Gutzmera,b a Helmholtz ...

Gallium Manufacturers of Bulk Metal and Compounds: Vital ...

Gallium Metal, Chemicals and Alloys Vital Materials is world's leading supplier of gallium metal & chemicals used in bulk or smaller quantities, and used in metal-organic source, light emitting diodes (LED), high frequency electronics, fast switching applications as well as in solar cell applications.

Gallium 99.99% trace metals basis | Sigma-Aldrich

The wide liquid range of gallium was exploited recently when it was used as a solvent for the successful synthesis of ternary silicides, SmNiSi 3 and YNiSi 3, without incorporating Ga in their structure -- a promising new synthetic method. Packaging 10, 50 g in poly bottle

Germanium - Wikipedia

Germanium is a chemical element with the symbol Ge and atomic number 32. It is a lustrous, hard-brittle, grayish-white metalloid in the carbon group, chemically similar to its group neighbours silicon and tin.Pure germanium is a semiconductor with an appearance similar to elemental silicon. Like silicon, germanium naturally reacts and forms complexes with oxygen in nature.

Sunc International Limited - SUNCMETALS

SUNCMETALS' products include: Indium, tin, tellurium, antimony, bismuth, selenium, cadmium, germanium, gallium, antimony, tantalum, niobium, metal alloy, metal target ...

Germanium (Ge (N-type)) Pieces Evaporation Materials

Germanium Ge (N-type) Pieces Evaporation Materials. Thermal Evaporation of Germanium (Ge (N-type)) In a deposition system with normal dimensions, a material with an equilibrium vapor pressure (EVP) of 1E-2 Torr will deposit at a rapid rate.

Cadmium Producers of Metal (Ingots, Rods) & Cadmium …

High purity cadmium can be used to prepare cadmium telluride solar cells. The alloy of silver, indium and cadmium can be used as the control rod of atomic reactor (neutron absorption). Cadmium compounds can be used in the manufacture of (yellow) pigments, plastic stabilizers, phosphors, pesticides, fungicides, paints, etc.

Cadmium - Wikipedia

Cadmium is a chemical element wi the seembol Cd an atomic nummer 48. This saft, bluish-white metal is chemically seemilar tae the twa ither stable metals in group 12, zinc an mercur. Lik zinc, it prefers oxidation state +2 in maist o its compoonds an lik mercur it shaws a law meltin pynt compared tae transeetion metals.

Teratogenic and embryopathic effects of indium, gallium ...

TOXICOLOGY AND APPLIED PHARMACOLOGY 16,166-170 (1970) Teratogenic and Embryopathic Effects of Indium, Gallium, and Germanium VERGIL H. FERM AND STANLEY J. CARPENTER Department of Anatomy/ Cytology, Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, New Hampshire 03755 Received March 24, 1969 Teratogenic and Embryopathic Effects of Indium, Gallium, and Germanium.